My vegetarian keto diet actually worked

I’ve always loved eating crisps, chocolate, pizza, chips, and curry. I’m looking forward to eating more of that pretty soon. That’s a pretty odd way to start off a blog post about having safely lost over a stone (7.4kg) thanks to a diet plan I created, but hey, I wanted to get your attention and stop you from assuming that only a handful of nuts and seeds can shrink your waistline.

Being honest with you

Straight up, I’m not going to give you massively optimistic feelings, like those health magazine cover straplines that promise “A ripped six-pack in just nine weeks” nor am I asking you to starve.

However, I won’t shy away from this being a challenge for most people. It does require commitment, but at the same time, it’s not a nightmare to face.

First, the good bits:

  • You can lose 1kg (2lb) each week
  • This is not intended to be permanent
  • Junk food lovers, such as myself, will enjoy quite a few of the staples of this plan
  • There are some ‘cheats’
  • I’m not charging anything for this diet plan, there’s no subscription, no fee, it’s just this webpage you’ve got in front of you

Now, the bad bits:

  • The first few days are the hardest and you will feel very tired at the beginning
  • You can’t really bring in high-carb foods – if it has a substantial proportion of potatoes, rice, bread/grain or pasta, then forget it
  • You also have to heavily reduce sugar intake, even the naturally occuring type

If you’ve made it this far, good! I think I’ve put off the half-hearted with those above points, but this plan isn’t for everyone and you may read further and decide it’s not really for you.

(To be continued)